Fall 2018 teacher training



A minimum of one year of consistent yoga practice. A deep appreciation for personal growth and learning, and a strong desire to be a better human.

our philosophy

Yoga is a transformational journey that never ends. In our Teacher Training we’ll dive into the depths of how to move your body, harness your breath and mind, guide others, and get to the ‘why’ behind it all. Use these ancient tools to ride the waves of transformation with grace and an understanding that the greatest teacher of all will always be the teacher you already have inside yourself. Whether you choose the teacher path, or you want to deepen your practice, you'll come away from our program inspired and knowledgeable as a yoga practitioner, and confident in your ability to lead and communicate effectively. Prepare for dramatic shifts in perspective, a strong connection to your authentic self, and a heightened awareness of what it means to be fully human.


The Choice

TEACHER PATH: This path provides you with the skills and experience to be a yoga teacher, and the ability to begin using your certification to find work immediately following graduation. We believe it's a sacred privilege to share the practice of yoga, and it comes with a deep responsibility to your students. As such, this path does have requirements around attendance, regular practice, participation, and testing in order to graduate. 

DEEPEN PATH: This path amounts to an audit of our course. You will have access to the same education and community as those on the teacher path; however there will be no requirements and no certification. It does not include the teaching practicum or mentorship components. This is an ideal path for those who are certain they do not want to teach but deepen their practice, or for those who are already teachers and feel they need a fresh perspective or more depth to of their education.


  • Yoga History & Philosophy
  • Principles of Meditation - Explore The Nature Of The Mind
  • Principles of Pranayama - Breath Control & Bandhas
  • Principles of Asana - Movement, Alignment & Sequencing
  • Basic Sanskrit & Chanting 
  • Anatomy, Physiology & Subtle Body
  • Adjustments & Use of Props
  • Restorative & Prenatal
  • Teaching Practicum - Learn By Doing
  • Communication - Effective Cueing
  • Authenticity - Finding Your Voice & Holding The Seat Of The Teacher
  • The Business of Yoga
  • Teacher Ethics & Responsibilities
  • One-On-One Mentorship 

To Apply

Write a one page letter of intention, giving us your story - why you were drawn to yoga, which path you choose, and what you hope to gain from teacher training. Letters may be submitted in person or by e-mail to yoga@ohmculture.com and must be accompanied by your deposit.


Teacher Path: $2800

Deepen Path: $1800

Deposit: $500

Pricing includes unlimited classes & select workshops. . Books are not included in pricing. Payment plans available upon request. Deposit is non-refundable, unless your application is not accepted. Credit Card payments are subject to a 3% CC fee.


With a combined nearly two decades of teaching, our Teacher Training instructors offer a breadth of experience from a variety of yoga lineages to give you a diverse perspective. With a deep respect for tradition, we strive to make yoga accessible, and it is our job to unlock your potential as both a practitioner and a guide.  Find out more about our lead instructors below.


Megan Trusnik - Owner/Lead Teacher

I've been a student of yoga for over a decade, and a teacher of yoga for five years. With a background in Vinyasa, Iyengar, Kundalini and Hatha, I love blending my knowledge into a style that is distinctly my own - with a respect for tradition and a modern vibe. Im excited about the opportunity to teach you how to do the same! The part of the training I'm most looking forward to is exploration of the nature of the mind and the nature of reality. I love watching people create internal shifts that allow them to show up in the world as the most awake and authentic versions of themselves. 

Favorite Pose: Eka Pada Rajakapotasana (One-Legged King Pigeon)

Must-Read Books: Tao Te Ching, Stealing Fire, The Wisdom of No Escape, Women Who Run With The Wolves, Buddha (Deepak Chopra)

Personal Mantra: Hard Choices, Easy Life. Easy Choices, Hard Life.