We have a little something for everyone.

Here at OhmCulture, we’re not really into labels, or levels. Our class descriptions are intended to evoke a sense of how you’ll feel in class. We have a little something for every intention, whether you come to your mat to play, to sweat, to learn, or simply to find peace. We do recommend that brand new students begin in a Basics class, and that you understand Strong is a more advanced practice; however, our teachers hold many years of experience of teaching to multiple levels so choose the class you think you'd feel most comfortable in.


Awake classes are sunrise sessions to help you kick off your day with energy and clarity. These classes are all-level and appropriate for any yogi. They will start gently and ramp-up slowly until you’re bright eyed, bushy-tailed and ready to conquer the day. This is where you wake up!


Brand new to yoga? Basics is for beginners! This class consists of fundamentals of yoga and prep-work for more it’s more advanced aspects. They’re also great for experienced yogis who want to slow down or get back to basics. Here you will lay the groundwork for a stronger practice. This is where you start.


Flow classes are all about mindful movement, and it’s important to remember they will be unique to each of our creative teachers. These mixed-level classes are intelligently sequenced with poses braided together and united with breath. You’ll be offered plenty of modifications to either slow it down or take it up a notch. Get ready to turn off your mind and tune into your higher self. This is where you make shift happen.


Similar to a Flow class, in a Deepen class you’ll move through a dynamic and uniquely crafted sequence emphasizing connection to breath and connection to self. The movement will seamlessly transition into deeper postures where extra time is spent on opening and slow-releasing. These classes are suitable for all levels. This is where you get grounded.



Strong classes aim to present a fun, sweaty challenge with more complex sequencing and playing with more advanced poses. This class is best suited for seasoned yogis, but so long as you are injury-free and in good health, there’s no reason you can’t be up for the challenge! This is where you get empowered.


Restore classes are therapeutic sessions for every yogi, all levels welcome. Often accompanied by candlelight, these classes use simple movement, breath-work and conscious relaxation to revitalize, de-stress and restore health. Props will support your poses, and mantra will guide your meditation, bringing you back into optimal performance physically and mentally. This is where you unwind.


In Meditate we go over meditation benefits, and practice techniques for a sustainable meditation practice. Classes are all-level and will also offer pranayama, or breath-work. Here you will find guidance on incorporating these subtler aspects of yoga into both your physical yoga practice and your life. This is where you connect. 


The Karma class is a Basics style donation based class geared toward beginners but suitable for all-levels. Classes are taught by new, apprentice instructors and is a suggested $10 minimum cash donation. Each quarter we choose a cause as the recipient of all class proceeds. 

Current Cause: Chicago Animal Advocates

Membership & Classes

OhmCulture is deeply grateful for your business. Whether you view your yoga as a healthy form of indulgence, or an integral investment into your lifestyle, we offer membership and package options to suit your needs. Mat storage, towels, tea, basic mat use and good vibes are always complimentary to all who ohm.

Ohm Monthly Membership

UNLIMITED yoga classes
Two new student guest passes per month, one-time use per guest
1-year subscription to Yoga Journal
Free premium mat use
Promotional perks
5% off Tiny Devotions malas

3 month minimum
30-day notice of cancellation Suspension option available

One Month Unlimited

UNLIMITED yoga classes
Free premium mat use








New Student Offer

Two weeks of UNLIMITED yoga
One-time offer only available upon first visit

Single Class Drop-in

5 Class Pack

10 Class Pack

20 Class Pack

 5 packs expire 3 months from purchase, 10 packs expire 6 months from purchase, and 20 packs expire 1 year from purchase. 

Drop-ins, class packs and unlimited options are non-refundable.