Welcome to the place where yoga
mat meets yoga lifestyle.  

Our aim is to help you not only practice great yoga but integrate your studio experience into a lifestyle. Ohm paired with Culture means our community starts with guiding the individual in making conscious connections within themselves——mind-body, breath-movement, health-wellness, meditation-stillness——and then we connect that elevated sense of self with a broader network of like-minded people, raising the collective consciousness as a community.

we dont do yoga, we live yoga.

This is a top-notch studio with some seriously amazing instructors. Everyone here is friendly and warm and the atmosphere is relaxed and tranquil. I feel better after every class than when I walked in.
— Said S., Member
I was looking for a yoga place close to my house hoping it would also be awesome. It is! The teachers are amazing and really helpful. As a newbie, I was worried about standing out, but have never felt out of place. All the other students are also super welcoming. It is a lovely place and I highly recommend it!
— Steph C., Yelp